Compartimos el Top 10 de las #PolíticasCulturales Globales. Una #infografia realizada por @ConectaCultura_— CONECTA CULTURA (@ConectaCultura_) August 27, 2014

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Veja como foi o hangout com o coordenador de cultura da Campanha de Dilma, Juca Ferreira: #PrimaveracomDilma— rodrigosavazoni (@rodrigosavazoni) September 22, 2014

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#couragehasmanyfaces and this Guatemalan activist Norma Sansir has been detained 80 hours without charges.— Renata Avila (@avilarenata) September 22, 2014

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2014 | O auge d processo d esvaziamento ds partidos politicos
Carlos Castilho no Observatorio…— bluebusbr (@bluebusbr) September 22, 2014

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This Afghan Policewoman Died Fighting the Taliban. Now Right-Wingers Are Desecrating Her Photo.— Mother Jones (@MotherJones) September 22, 2014

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Scotland:”The (YES) revolt.. swing to a form of populist leftism for which there is no adequate political expression”— Jose Murilo (@josemurilo) September 22, 2014

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"Collections, contexts, and the wild, wild web" —@wragge on what the public does with large, open digital collections— Dan Cohen (@dancohen) September 21, 2014

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“Music takes place in time, but repetition beguilingly makes it knowable in the way of something outside of time.”— Maria Popova (@brainpicker) September 22, 2014

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Notes and coins make up <3% in the UK and <10% in the US of money in circulation. And cause all sorts of problems.— Subrahmanyam KVJ (@SuB8u) September 22, 2014

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Boaventura Santos: ‘é urgente transição p/ modelo de desenv menos centrado na exploração voraz dos recursos naturais’— Jose Murilo (@josemurilo) September 22, 2014

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